Public Speaking

karen-storsteen-executive-coach-03Ms. Storsteen speaks regularly to associations, organizations, and general audiences.

Some of Ms. Storsteen’s speaking engagements include keynotes and general sessions for: the American Society of Association Executives, the Colorado Society of Association Executives, Mensa The High IQ Society, the Wyoming Society of Association Executives, the Project Management Institute, the Colorado Safety Association, The Association of General Contractors of America – Future Leaders Forum, The DaVinci Institute, The Evolve Expo, etc.

Karen is consistently rated #1 as a public speaker

at conferences as measured by 1) Attendee saisfaction 2) Number of people attending her presentation

Karen tailors her messages and adjusts speaking duration to meet unique audience needs and formats. Her most popular topic is receiving world-wide recognition:

Intuitive Leadership

A ground-breaking psychological, neurological and quantum approach to exponential intelligence, intuition and innovation

“Of 13,000 executives surveyed world-wide, 80% credit their success to their intuition.”

Harvard Business Review

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