Organizational Consulting

Our large engagements are holistic and may include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • Process redesign/BPR
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Human resource systems redesign
  • Leadership and employee curriculum design and implementation
  • Intuitive and human development
  • Cultural alignment

Whether we are improving one, or all of these organizational components, we work with our clients to ensure that improvement efforts are integrated and implemented to achieve bottom-line results.

In working with teams, our services include:

  • Leadership, team, and employee assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance improvement
  • Teambuilding
  • Conflict resolution
  • Training and development
  • Tailoring of human resource systems to carry out team and strategic goals

Our Kudos

  • Identified between 50%-195% productivity improvement in companies in most every major industry, through process redesign, organizational restructuring and human performance improvement technologies
  • Recognized by Microsoft for Best Practice Approach to Process and Organizational Design and Change Management in the design of a large IT Start-up Division
  • Doubled the financial value of a transportation company within six months through CEO/executive coaching, organizational restructuring, human resource design, and morale improvement
  • Kept manufacturing and oil and gas organizations from closing down technologies
  • Recognized for Best Practice Approach to Human Performance Improvement by Mobil Oil for the design and implementation of Mobil University
  • Recognized by OSHA for Best Practice Approach to Human Performance Improvement

“Karen Storsteen is the leading expert in the area of Intuitive Leadership.  I booked Karen as our keynote speaker and her presentation was outstanding and enthusiastically applauded!  She is the best speaker we have ever had!”

James Balle, Programs Officer for Denver Mensa, The High IQ Society