In The Media

karen-storsteen-photo-02Karen Storsteen appears on several FM, AM, and world-wide internet radio stations and is known for providing “Karen’s Insights” to callers around the world.

“I am so pleased to be able to tell you about Karen Storsteen. A true professional behind the mic, Karen has been one of our most listened to guests. She is quick, funny, witty, wise, and most of all engaging. Karen by far has been the #1 guest to flood our telephone system. It was because of her popularity that we discovered we had an overflow system to our administrative offices.

Karen should have her own show, be booked as a public entertainer, or just “read your mind”.

Eric R. WellmanCEO, Castle Rock Radio

Samples of Karen

A few of Karen’s radio recordings and media samples are below.

your-brand-radioYour Brand Radio

Thank you friends for joining me on Your Brand Radio with Mark Crowley, CEO of Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce, and David Sandusky, as we discussed the keys to improving human, entrepreneurial, and organizational performance.

Here is the link to a recording of the show for those of you who missed us!


karen-storsteen-executive-coach-10Precise Selling with Brian Sullivan – Podcast

How do you heighten intuitive intelligence? What is intuitive leadership? Karen Storsteen discusses this topic and how to achieve optimal neurological power. So what happens when you’re under stress? Karen discusses what stress does to the brain and how this effects your business and your employees’ productivity. Learn what to do to remove stress and increase your brain power.