Who we educate

For over twenty years, Ms. Storsteen has educated hundreds of thousands of individuals in the areas of innovation, leadership, human, intuitive, and organizational development..

Participants include executives, leaders and project managers, as well as employees. Participants also include entrepreneurs.

Our educational services are offered through:

  • Customized corporate universities that we help design, develop and implement based on strategic and job goals and competency requirements
  • On-site customized workshops and courses
  • Executive and Leadership Accredited Universities
  • Educational Institutions and Associations such as the Project Management Institute, The American Society of Association Executives, The DaVinci Institute
  • Our public and by invitation leadership seminars
  • Public speaking events, TV and radio

Our approach and expertise

As organizational development and training and development experts, we design and target our training to the needs of each audience. We use competency based performance requirements and

Instructional Systems Design methods to:

  • Assess training needs
  • Design training curriculum and courses
  • Develop the training
  • Implement and deliver the training
  • Evaluate training effectiveness

Whether we are designing courses, conducting a seminar, or delivering a large scale speaking engagement, all of our training is highly experiential and participatory. We do NOT lecture, as people learn when they are highly involved, engaged, reflective and having fun.

Topic Areas

We deliver training in every major area of leadership and management effectiveness and are on the cutting edge with respect to leadership, human and performance improvement. Over the years, we have designed and delivered over 50 different courses (please inquire for more information).

Due to Karen Storsteen’s own extraordinary experiences and successes, as well as her amazingly accurate and consistent ability to intuit for others around the globe, she has devoted particular attention to her groundbreaking research and education in an area she calls, Intuitive Leadership. To learn more click here.

Karen Storsteen has devoted attention to her groundbreaking research and education in an area she calls, Intuitive Leadership.

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“Over the last twenty years, I have served at the forefront of the leadership, management and organizational design sciences and very little has focused on how to access and heighten the power of the mind and effectively leverage this genius within the organization. We are ready to evolve to unprecedented levels of human functioning wherein we will utilize the capabilities that already reside within us. The conditions and conflicts of today are the wake-up call to listen to our inner voice and follow our higher self. Your brilliance is ever-expanding, limitless and all encompassing.”

~ Karen Storsteen
M.S., M.A.