The ultimate individual and organizational transformative experience that has helped hundreds of thousands achieve unprecedented results that catapulted themselves and their organizations forward.

What is Possible for You?

  • Are you passionate about your work?
  • Are you using your greatest strengths and innate talents?
  • Do you and your managers know how to lead?
  • Is your organization’s strategic direction effective and clear in today’s environment?  
  • Do stakeholders embrace it?
  • Are customers satisfied?
  • Can efficiency, productivity, and/or quality be improved?  
  • Are the right people in the right positions doing the right things? 
  • Are employees happy and fulfilled?  Does the culture enable high performance? 
  • Is the capacity of the organization being fully utilized?
  • Are people accountable, resilient, and team players?
  • Do managers know how to lead?
  • Is technology being maximized to grow profitably?

Welcome to Performance By Design, LLC!

We are an organizational development, management consulting, and executive coaching company dedicated to individual and organizational brilliance, human performance improvement, innovation and profitable growth.

We apply cutting edge psychology, leadership, and intuitive intelligence with the organizational design sciences, to catapult performance, productivity, and bottom-line business performance.

Blending practical methods with extraordinary intuitive acumen, we dramatically increase client efficiency, while improving client clarity and decision-making/problem solving.

We encourage our clients to expand their possibilities and perform beyond their wildest expectations, and we design and deliver the human and organizational systems to enable their success.

Our proven core competencies apply to all industries and companies of all sizes. As such, over the last twenty-five years, we have worked with executives, managers and employees from most every major industry. We have helped grow start-ups, as well as improved the performance of mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

Our work is known as a best practice approach to education, human performance improvement and organizational design by several organizations and institutions.

Why We Do This Work

As the founder of Performance By Design,  I am fortunate that I have been clear about my life’s work since childhood.  I am exhilarated to share my passion and what I have learned with you.

Over the last twenty-five years, I have served at the forefront of the leadership, management and organizational design sciences and very little has focused on how to access and heighten our innate genius and effectively leverage this brilliance within the organization.

Intuitive intelligence has been grossly underutilized and yet, neurologically, intuition is the highest form of intelligence as when it kicks in, all of the other intelligences align at the same time: emotional, social, practical, analytical and creative.  Applying findings in neuroscience and quantum physics can revolutionize the way we lead and manage in business, as well as actualize personally.   These discoveries are profound and a new paradigm is emerging with results that are measurable and exponential.

There is a far better way to run our businesses and it is quicker, cheaper, and easier.   I am experiencing this myself and so are my clients.

We are ready to evolve to unprecedented levels of human functioning wherein we will utilize the capabilities that already reside within us. The conditions and conflicts of today are the wake-up call to listen to our inner voice and follow our higher self. Your brilliance is ever-expanding, limitless and all encompassing.

Karen Storsteen, M.A., M.S.

Note: If you are an individual looking for life and career coaching, or counseling services, please call us directly at 303-506-6745.